Furriela Advogados is as full-service law firm, dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to domestic and foreign clients. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, to know their business and to provide “tailor-made”, efficient solutions.

Our lawyers are highly capacitated, having relevant international experiences, including Masters in Law and Graduate degrees in highly regarded universities around the globe. Moreover, our professionals are fluent in many languages and are constantly engaged in various academic, voluntary and social organizations.

Furriela Advogados was founded in 1990, just before Brazil began to liberalize its legislation and procedures and the country’s economy was opened for international trade and investment, which resulted in a significant increase in foreign investment in the country and privatizations in various sectors.

In this context of modernization and larger insertion of Brazil in the international scenario, the law firm began to represent foreign clients with a high degree of professionalism in structuring their companies and businesses in Brazil, offering legal support in all Business Law related areas, such as Corporate Law, Tax, Contracts, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Banking Law and Real Estate Law.

Furriela Advogados was also one of the first firms in Brazil to render specialized legal services in Environmental Law, a very technical area of the law, in which besides advising our clients and negotiating on their behalf, the firm also contributed to the development and formulation of government policies on environmental law issues.

Another area in which, Furriela Advogados has gained considerable reputation is the law of non-governmental organizations and entities of the so-called “third sector”. The firm was among the first law firms in Brazil to provide legal advice on the structuring, funding, and functioning of national and international organizations, focusing on environmental and social issues.

São Paulo Office

Cooperation Partners

Furriela Advogados maintains strong relationships with various cooperation partners, such as business consultancies, trade associations, research institutions and other law firms, in Brazil and abroad, in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to their needs.

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